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Cornet Bay & Oak Harbor Smelting

We have recently been getting some good reports from some of our customers fishing smelt at Cornet Bay and Oak Harbor. This is a fun family oriented fishery that requires little more than a trout rod, smelt jig, sinker and a bucket. Quite an ecconomical fishery! These are one of the tastiest little fish that you can eat. In fact, it's one of my favorite!


As far as the Cornet Bay fishery goes you are fishing off either the larger T dock located in front of the picnic area or off the dock at the boat launch are to the east. If you fish off the boat launch docks make sure you do not interfer with the boaters as the docks are there for their use. Make sure to take your Discovery Pass as this is part of the State Parks.


At Oak Harbor you are jigging off the docks in the main portion of the Oak Harbor Marina.


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