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Columbia River Sockeye Fishery Expanded And Salmon Limits Raised

Sockeye fishery opens, salmon limits raised on
Columbia River above Priest Rapids Dam

Actions: Opens sockeye salmon to retention and raises total salmon limit.

Species affected:Sockeye and chinook salmon.

Daily limit: Daily limit of six (6) salmon, of which two (2) may be adult hatchery chinook and three (3) may be sockeye. Release coho and wild adult chinook.

Effective dates:

(1) From Priest Rapids Dam to 400 feet below Rock Island Dam, July 7 through Aug. 31, 2016.

(2) From Rock Island Dam to 400 feet below Wells Dam, July 7 through Oct. 15, 2016.

(3) From Wells dam to Hwy 173 bridge in Brewster, July 16 through Aug. 31, 2016.

(4) From Hwy 173 bridge in Brewster to Chief Joseph Dam, July 7 through Oct.15, 2016.

Other information: Release all floy (spaghetti) tagged fish.Anglers must also use barbless hooks when fishing for salmon and have a current Washington fishing license, as well as a Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement (CRSSE). Anglers with the Two-Pole Endorsement may fish with two poles, except for sturgeon above Rock Island Dam.

Reason for action: The sockeye run was recent upgraded to 350,000 fish, greatly exceeding the pre-season forecast of 102,000 fish returning to the river mouth. Barring extreme high water temperatures such as those in 2015 that caused unprecedented pre-spawning mortality, the run is expected to produce sufficient escapement to meet spawning needs in the Wenatchee and Okanogan Rivers.

Information contacts:Jeff Korth, Region 2 Fish Program Manager, (509) 754-4624 (Ephrata), Travis Maitland, District 5 Fisheries Biologist, (509) 665-3337 (Wenatchee), Ryan Fortier, District 6 Fisheries Biologist, (509) 997-0316 (Twisp).


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