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Columbia River Shad / Shad Darts

This seasons upcoming Columbia River shad run is predicted to be another outstanding season, though numbers have not been stated. Now predictions are just that and until the fish are here we really don't know exactly what the run size will be. Last seasons return far exceded the predicted return. We more than doubled the numbers with almost 6.3 million shad going through Bonneville last season. That far surpassed the 10 year average of 2.1 million. The run for 2019 hopefully will be another good one.


Teds is all geared up for this upcoming season and has all the normal gear on hand. We have ample supplies of shad darts and hopefully should be able to make it through the season. Though, I would say it is best to stock up early while the color selection is best, as it does get picked over as we get closer to the end.


We have shad darts in the following colors:

Flame / Chartreuse

Lime Green / Chartreuse

Hot Pink / Chartreuse

Flame / Pearl

Lime Green / Pearl

Hot Pink / Pearl

Blue / Pearl

Flame / Glow

Lime Green / Glow

Hot Pink / Glow

Hot Pink / Glow

Blue / Glow

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