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Columbia River Shad Numbers Increasing - Good Fishing Should Not Be Far Off

Yesterday there were 7,252 shad counted going through Bonneville. Though not spectacular by any means when it comes to shad it does mean that good fishing should not be too far in the future.


We have had a number of folks down testing the waters this past week and though there were a few fish caught it really was not worth the trip down there. Most of the folks we spoke with had a fish or two with one having a grand total of 4 for this efforts that day. None of them said that catching a great number of fish was the reson for going it was just to get out, wet a line and perhaps get a fish or two.


With the bounce in fish numbers I would have to say that we are seeing the first of the big push and perhaps this weekend just might be the first of the good fishing. We'll take a look at the numbers tomorrow and see what happens today.


If you really have to have a shad fix, you might give the Willamette River in Oregon a try. It is for the most part a boat fishng show, though you might find a little bank access here and there. We have been hearing of good fishing in this river for the past couple of weekends.


We have lots of shad darts on hand in a number of color combinations.

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