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Columbia River Shad Fishing 6/08/2015

The reports thar we have got from the Columbia at Bonneville has been very good with everyone catching shad. For many it is litterally how many do you want to catch. There is quite a cross section of folks that think they are great eating and then at the other end that they are not fit to eat with most somewhere in between. While I think they can be eaten I don't bother as there are many other fish that are far better eating. I generally reserve mine for the crab and shrimp pots where I have found them to be good bait. If you do want to eat them make sure to take can of them by bleeding them and getting them on ice. They are a very fatty fish and will go soft very quickly if not taken care of.


Anyway, I would think the fishing will be very good for the next few weeks allowing for a planned trip in the near future. Ted's still has lots of shad darts in various colors on hand.

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