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Columbia River Shad Fishing

We are at the peak of the shad run on the Columbia below Bonneville at the present time with over 94,000 going over yesterday. We have had nothing but outstanding reports coming from down there for the past ten days or so and the fishing should be at it's peak for the next couple of weeks before we start to see it slow. If you are wanting to have a great day of fun you should take a trip down that way. It requires just a minimum of tackle with a few shad darts, some pencil lead, a little leader and a few swivels. Couple in up with a light spinning rod in the 71/2 - 10 foot length with some 10 or 12 pound line spooled up and you're ready to go fishing. For most of us it's a catch and release fishery, with some of so keeping a few for crab, shrimp or sturgeon bait. For others they smoke them up, can them or make soup out of them. I say give it a try and see what you think. For me - I'll pass! But they are a lot of fun to fish for. We still have lots of shad darts on hand as well as a good selection of Dick Nite spoons, the two most popular offerings. Stop by and we'll be glad to give you a hand rigging up.
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