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Columbia River Shad 2014

The past few days have seen an increase in the number of shad over Bonneville with 75,911 on Friday, 99,981 on Saturday and 83,856 on Sunday. With such an increase it means that it's time to make a road trip down to Columbia for some fishing. This fishery has become extremely popular over the past few years and the number of people fishing has turned it into one of the largest combat fisheries around. However, even with the number of people it is a fantastic fishery and everyone, for the most part seems to take the carnival in stride. Yes, you will get tangled with some of the other anglers but don't let it get you down, just do your best to get along and help out where you can and everyone will get along just fine.


This fishery is just getting into stride with the peak of the season being from the 10th - 20th of June.  After the 20th the fishing usually starts to go down hill with good fishing still to be had through the 4th of July.


Ted's has pleanty of gear in stock for this fishery with lots of shad darts and Dick Nite spoons on hand. Stop by and we'll be glad to help you out.

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