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Columbia River Shad

The number of shad going through Bonneville yesterday just about reached the 10,000 mark and the daily numbers have been improving every day. It's time to be thinking of making a trip down that way for a little fun fishing on these gamesters. Though they are not huge in size with fish in the 2 - 5 pound range being the norm, they do make up with numbers with 50 fish days not uncommon at all. Most folks do not find them exceptional table fare, though some do smoke, pickle or can them and a few find the roe of the females to be a treat. I personally do not find them to my liking and the few I do keep are used for crab, shrimp or sturgeon baits. Shad fishing is a lot of fun when you are into them and makes for a great family outing. Ted's has lots of shad darts on hand for this shad season. Stop by and we'll be glad to give you a hand setting up.
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