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Coho In Marine Area 8-2

For those of you that have been awaiting the showing of of our ocean run Coho fisheries the time has arrived. We have been seeing a few of these ocean fish being caught in the popular Humpy Hollow area south of Mukilteo this week. Though the numbers caught are not yet outstanding, at least we are seeing some in the catches. Numbers should just continue to increase with each passing day. 


Traditionally, the shoreline from the shipwreck northward to Naketa Beach and Mukilteo is a staging area for those Coho migrating to the Snohomish and Stillagumish systems. The peak of this fishery is generally from around the 7th of September through the end of the month. However, remember this area closes on the 23rd of September this year.


This area is open for both wild and hatchery Coho and the limit is two. Remember that Area 9 is open for hatchery Coho only, so don't catch a wild Coho in Area 8-2 and decide to go into Area 9 and fish with that fish on board. If you do get checked by WDFW enforcement you will get a ticket.


This is just the start of this fishery and it will only get better.

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