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Coho Hitting The Beaches

This past weekend was the first we have heard of good numbers of silvers being caught off the beaches of Whidbey Island. This should be just the start of things and should only get better as the season goes on. The fishing should be at it's prime this next month. Though the most popular spots tend to be Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Carey there are many other spots on the Island that also produce well. With a little searching you can find some productive spots where you can fish with less competition.


There are a number of productive lures to fish, however the most popular lure is a Rotator. The most popular finish is Chartreuse with various colored mylar stickers but hot pink, white and chrome finishes are also popular. Buzz Bombs are also a widely used lure; Krocodile spoons, Kastmasters and herrring fished under a float are also popular choices.


Stop by and ask any of the Ted's crew and they will be happy to help you out as to how to rig up as well as places to go.



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