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Clam & Oyster Season For North Bay (case Inlet)

WDFW announces clam and oyster seasons for North Bay (Case Inlet)

Action:  North Bay (Case Inlet) will be open Sept. 1-30 for the harvest of clams and oysters, based on the results from population, harvest and effort assessments.

Harvesting of clams and oysters is restricted to the daylight hours only. No nighttime harvesting will be allowed.

Effective Dates: Sept. 1-30, 2018.

Species affected: All clams and oysters.

Location: North Bay (Case Inlet) on state-owned oyster reserves and contiguous state-owned tidelands south and east of the powerline crossing.

Reason for action: Due to site access limitations, harvest is prohibited during hours of darkness. Harvest is allowed only one hour before official sunrise until one hour after official sunset.

The low tides that are optimal for harvesting oysters and clams do not occur during daylight hours after Sept. 30 through the end of the year.

A redesigned and extended sport season is anticipated for 2019. 

Other information: For more information on tides and harvesting shellfish at North Bay, check WDFW's website at

Information Contact:  Camille Speck, WDFW Port Townsend Office, (360) 302-3030 ext. 313

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