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Chinook Fishing In Marine Area 9 Getting Closer To A Closure

As of Sunday, anglers have caught 2,284 of their 3,056 Chinook quota given to them for Marine Area 9. Perhaps , if we are lucky we just might make it through this weekend before being closed. This would give us a mear 772 Chinook to harvest. If catch averages continue as they were in the first 9 days it would be doubtful that we would go through the weekend. However, the angling pressure has wained this week as well as the catch percentages - which just might mean that we will make it though the end of the month.


If I was looking to make it out for some Chinook fishing before the closure I would take every opportunity to fish before we see it come to an end.


Marine Area 10 had seen just 246 Chinook taken of their 1,395 quota as of the 24th. Unless catch percentages improve drastically, I would say we will see this area continue to offer angling opportunity through this weekend and perhaps even into next week.

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