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Chehalis River Will Not Open For Spring Chinook Fishing

Chehalis River will not open for spring chinook fishing

Action: The Chehalis River will remain closed to salmon fishing and will not open to fishing for spring chinook on April 16 as scheduled in the 2016-17 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

Effective dates:  April 16 through June 30, 2017.

Location: Chehalis River, from the mouth (Hwy 101 Bridge) to the Hwy 6 Bridge in the town of Adna (Grays Harbor/Thurston/Lewis counties).

Reason for action: The forecast for spring chinook returning to the Chehalis River basin is less than the number of fish needed to meet conservation objectives (spawning escapement goal).  

Other Information: Steelhead and other gamefish fisheries will remain as described in the 2016-17 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

Information Contact:  Mike Scharpf, Region 6, (360) 249-1205

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