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Bonneville Shad Fishing

Shad fishing has taken off below Bonneville Dam with the better numbers of fish now pushing up the Columbia. The numbers going thru the dam have really started to explode. On Sunday 15,406, Monday 25,084 and Tuesday 34,196 were counted going thru. With number like this the fishing has perked up really well. We have had a number of folks that were down over the holiday weekend and vertually everyone caught fish. Some did quite well landing over 50 + per angler, which were the higest numbers that we heard of. Most were in the 10 and below area. Fisherman should see the fishing just get better and better over the next few weeks, with the peak of the run being anound June 10th - 25th.


These are a really sporting fish to fish for and when the fishing is good a fish on cast after cast is not out of the question.


Ted's has a good selection of shad darts on hand at the present time with enough to hold up for at lest the next few weeks.

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