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Blackmouth Reports From The Opener

The reports that we had from yesterdays blackmouth opener were quite lackluster to say the least. Most everyone we spoke with had to deal with quite a number of shakers. No matter what type of gear that was put out, it was plauged by undersized fish. Even those fishing plugs still had sub legal problems. Here's a little rundown on the WDFW checks from the opener.


Edmonds     Area 9     9 Boats with 15 Anglers     7 Chinook     .47 Fish/Angler

Everett        Area 8-2  13 Boats with 26 Anglers   1 Chinook     .04 Fish/Angler

Everett       Area 9      29 Boats with 55 Anglers   19 Chinook   ,035 Fish/Angler

Kingston    Area 9      13 Boats with 26 Anglers     2 Chinook    ,08 Fish/Angler

Kingston    Area 10     7 Boats with 17 Anglers     1 Chinook     .06 Fish/Angler

Pt Townsend Area 9   10 Boats with 17 Anglers   10 Chinook    .59 Fish/Angler

Shilshole    Area 9     4 Boats with 7 Anglers        3 Chinook     .43 Fish/Angler

Shilshole   Area 10    3 Boats with 4 Anglers        0 Chinook


So as you can see the fishing was far from fantastic. Perhaps no one really found any concentration of fish so it was hit and miss.


Weather kept most all but the hardcore in today and the outllook looks a little marginal for the next few days! After all it is November.

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