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Blackmouth Fishing Marine Areas 9 & 10

Marine Areas 9 & 10 continue to put out some fairly good blackmouth fishing since the January 1st opener. The most productive area has been the eastern side of the Kitsap Peninsula taking in the Jefferson Head, Kingston, Pilot Point, Point No Point and around the corner into Skunk Bay. There is quite a mixture in the size of the fish, from sub legals to fish in the mid teens. For those being selective, fish in the 6 -7 pound range are fairly common. For those that are in the right place and right time, fish into the mid teens have been caught.


Weather has been one factor that determines whether you will get out on the water or not. We have seen from one extreme to the other so far this season. Yesterday, was one outstanding Winter day to say the least. With the good weather there was a good number of boats that took advantage of the flat calm conditions. In the Kingston area alone there were perhaps around 70 boats on the water in the morning.


As far as techniques go, I would have to say that the vast majority of anglers are downrigger trolling with flasher / squid or flasher / spoon combinations. Though you will find this technique will account for a larger percentage of shakers, especially if use smaller offerings. Not to say that you will not get larger fish on these smaller lures, but you must remember that our season is determined by the impacts that occur while fishing, and not the fish you punch on your card. By going to larger lures you will decrease the number of smaller fish that you hook and hopefully allow us to have a full season instead of being cut short. Try fishing larger spoons and plugs to cut down on the impacts.


The guys that have been mooching this winter have been finding good results and have been quite pleased with their results. Some of my customers that are die hard moochers have been getting fish into the low to mid teens quite consistantly. Once again try fishing a larger bait, such as a green label sized bait to cut down on the sub legal catches.


This season we have seen quite a resurgance in jigging here in Puget Sound. Earlier this winter season we saw jigging had become one of the most consistant ways of fishing blackmouth in the Point Defiance area of south sound. This technique has followed north and we have seen a good number of folks buying jigs this winter. Point Wilson Darts or Dugeness Stingers have been the lures of choice.

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