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Bill Hayes Hot Plugs Derby Results From Yesterday, Saturday March 7th

Here are the results for the Hot Plug's Derby.
1st Place   Terry Pitt of Sedro Woolley          15.12 lbs     $2350      Northend of Camano Island on a spoon
2nd Place  Ron Lampers of Whidbey Island   12.05 lbs       $940       Whidbey Island side somewhere on bait.
3rd Place   Glenn Helton of Sedro Woolley     10.05 lbs       $705      Greenbanks on a squid
4th Place   Jack McKeehan of Arlington         9.14lbs        $470        Racetrack on a spoon
We had 94 entries and 13 fish weighed in. It was probably the best weather the Hot Plug's Derby has seen in a very long time. Flat as glass and nice and sunny. Doubled the fish of last year too. There was people fishing from the Langley all the way up to the north end of Camano. My boat even put two fish in the boat. 9 and a 6 lb right off Pebble beach, just couldn't be a better day to be fishing.
Ed Keller 
P.S. Just a heads up. Stanwood Eagles Derby April 18-19. I will get you a flyer out
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