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Baker Lake Sockeye Reports From July 7th

Though the popular Baker Lake sockeye fishery opened early yesterday, we have been receiving the first of our reports this morning. It sounded like there were around 50 - 60 boats on the water all trying to get their fair share of prime Baker Lake sockeye. It sounded like the fishing was very typical with some folks getting their fish and others getting a few and many not doing well at all. From those that managed to get their limits it sounded that the fish were a little scattered and not really schooled up as well as being deeper than expected with most fish coming from the 40 - 70 foot zone. Be quite attentive to your depth sounder and get your gear in the zone when you do mark fish.


Sounded like most of the fish were very typically sized in the 4 - 8 pound range and just dime bight. Should make for some very fine eating for those fortunate to land a few.


Ted's has a very good supply of sockeye tackle on hand, just stop by and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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