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Baker Lake Sockeye Meeting Saturday November 1st, 10:00am

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If you have an intrest in the Baker Lake Sockeye fishery and its management you might just want to set in on this meeting. In last seasons fishery there was a unfortunate disparty in the catch equaity between the tribes and sportsment, with th tribal catch being between 12 and 13 thousand and the sport fihery harvesting only 3 - 4 thousand.


WDFW hosts meeting to discuss
Baker Lake sockeye salmon fishery



OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will host a public meeting Nov. 1 in Mill Creek to discuss last summer's Baker Lake sockeye salmon fishery.

The public meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. at WDFW's Mill Creek office, 16018 Mill Creek Blvd.

At the meeting, fishery managers will review how the sockeye fishery was developed and managed, and discuss this year's state and tribal harvest numbers. The public also will have the opportunity to provide input.

The Baker Lake sockeye fishery first opened in 2010 after a juvenile-collection facility was installed at upper Baker Dam and a hatchery was opened at the lake. This year, 13,788 sockeye were trapped below the lower Baker Dam and 6,819 fish were transported to the lake. The remaining sockeye were used for spawning.

"While we met our conservation goals for Baker Lake this year, we know many recreational anglers expected more fish in the lake," said Ron Warren, policy lead for WDFW's fish program. "We're asking the public for constructive ideas that we can evaluate and develop before the salmon season setting process starts in March."

State, tribal and federal fishery managers plan the Northwest's recreational and commercial salmon fisheries each year during a series of meetings beginning in March. The process, which includes input from representatives of the recreational and commercial fishing industries, is known as the North of Falcon process.

WDFW has more information about Baker Lake sockeye on its website at

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