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Baker Lake Sockeye Fishery Report From 7/10/2016

I fished Baker Lake yesterday morning with my son Josh and friend Melvin. We were up there very early Sunday morning to get the boat launched anticipating quite a crowd trying to get their boats in the water. We got the boat into the water without any wait and headed up lake to where the bite had been yesterday. We had heard that there was a lot of floating wood in the lake due to the high water conditions washing it off the beaches as well as much brought in from the upper Baker River with recent rains so we took our time running up lake. To say that there was wood in the lake was an understatement! It was literally a mine field of floating wood, from small pieces to large logs. So if you do go to Baker make sure to be on your toes!


By the time we made it up lake it was time to get our gear in the water. We fished a variety of typical Baker Lake sockeye setups baited with Mel's super cured shrimp and placed them on the downriggers in the 20 - 35 foot zones were we were seeing most of the fish located. We fished for some time without getting bit nor did we see any of the other boats anound us getting anything either. About an hour after first light we got our first fish and started to see a fish being caught here and there. It was by all means not a hot bite! We just continued to grind it out and ended up with 4 in the box and another lost when we decided to call it quits at 10:00.


We ran into quite a number of folks we knew and some had a few more fish than us but most did not do well at all, being skunked or a fish or two for the boat. One of Mel's friends that had had an outstanding day with 13 on Saturday had just a single fish when we called it quits for the day. That's Fishing!


This is a very popular fishery with at least 150 boats on the lake, everything from kayaks to 25 foot Grady's.


The fishery should hold up well for quite some time as they are still trucking fish from the Baker River traps up into the lake. As of today they have trucked 12,530 to the lake.


Ted's has lots of tackle on hand for this fishery and will be more than happy to help you out and show you how to rig up.

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