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Baker Lake Sockeye Fishery Opens Tomorrow, July 8th

Baker Lake opens for the very popular sockeye fishery tomorrow July 8th. So far as of this morning there have been 963 fish transferred to the lake. There have been 2,909 trapped so far in the Baker River. Genereally, most folks like to see at least 3,000 transferred to the lake before they consider it worth a trip. However, I have had friends that have done well with just 500 in the lake. Anyway, there are far worse things you could be doing than to spend a morning in such a fantastic setting chasing sockeye.


We will keep you posted over the next few weeks as to what we are hearing and the numbers that have been transfered to the lake.


We have lots of tackle in stock. We carry all the popular dodger finishes, squids, smile blades etc. to rig your own offerings as well as a good amout of pre rigged offerings. We will try and keep fresh sand shrimp on hand thoughout the season as well as cured coon stripe shrimp.


Good Fishing

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