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Baker Lake Sockeye Continue To Come In

The Baker Lake Sockeye fishery has been disapointing lately as the run has not returned in the numbers that were predicted. As of July 15th 7,093 sockeye have been trapped in the Baker River and  3,016 have been trucked to the Baker Lake. Though the numbers in the lake are low there is at least a chance to catch a fish or two if you work hard. We had a few of our customers up there this past weekend and they managed to boat 8 in three days of fishing. Not great fishing by any means but considering the number of fish that had been trucked to the lake at that time I would have to say that they did quite well.


July 15 showed the greatest number of fish captured in the trap. Hopefully, the run is just late and the numbers will increase greatly. Perhaps its wishful thinking on my part. Time will tell.

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