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Additional Freshwater Fisheries Closed By Wdfw

May 5, 2016



Additional Puget Sound-area freshwater fisheries closed


Action: Close most anadromous waters in Puget Sound to all fishing.

Effective dates: Immediately

Species affected: All fish species.

Closure locations:

Nisqually River (Pierce Co.) From Mouth To The Military Tank Crossing Bridge (Located One Mile Upstream Of Mouth Of Muck Creek)

Nisqually River (Pierce Co.) From The Military Tank Crossing Bridge (Located One Mile Upstream Of Mouth Of Muck Creek, River Mile 12) To 400' Below Lagrande Powerhouse

Black Lake Ditch (Thurston Co.) From The Confluence With Percival Creek Upstream To Black Lake

Percival Creek (Thurston Co.)

Woodard Creek (Thurston Co.)

Woodland Creek (Thurston Co.)

Beaver Creek (Pierce Co.)

Boise Creek (King Co.) From Hwy. 410 Crossing Upstream

Burley Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Carbon River (Pierce Co.) From Mouth To Voight Creek

Carbon River (Pierce Co.) From Voight Creek To Hwy. 162 Bridge

Cayada Creek (Pierce Co.)

Chambers Creek (Pierce Co.) From Mouth (Burlington-Northern Rr Bridge) To Markers 400' Below The Boise-Cascade Dam

Chambers Creek (Pierce Co.) From Boise-Cascade Dam To Steilacoom Lake

Clarks Creek (Pierce Co.) From Mouth To 12Th Ave. Sw

Clear Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Clearwater River (Pierce Co.)

Coulter Creek (Mason/Kitsap Co.)

Cresent Creek (Pierce Co.)

Dogfish Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Eglong Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Evans Creek (Pierce Co.) From Carbon River-Fairfax Rd. Upstream

Fiske Creek (Pierce Co.) From Fiske Rd. East Upstream

Fox Creek (Pierce Co.) From Fiske Rd. East Upstream

Gale Creek (Pierce Co.)

Gamble Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Greenwater River (King/Pierce Co.) From Mouth To Greenwater Lakes

Greenwater River (King/Pierce Co.) From Greenwater Lakes Upstream

Grovers Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Hylebos Creek (Pierce Co.)

Illahee Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Kings Creek (Pierce Co.)

Kitsap Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Little Scandia Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Lyle Creek (Clearwater River Tributary) (Pierce Co.)

New Pond Creek (Pierce Co.)

Ohop Creek (Pierce Co.)

Olalla Creek (Kitsap Co.)

Pyramid Creek (King Co.) From Forest Service Rd. 7000 Upstream

Rocky Creek (Pierce/Kitsap Co.)

Salmonberry Creek (Kitsap Co.)

South Prairie Creek (Pierce Co.) From City Of Buckley Diversion Dam (River Mile 15) Upstream

Tanwax Creek (Pierce/Thurston Co.)

Voight Creek (Pierce Co.) From Falls Under Power Line Upstream

White (Stuck) River (Pierce Co.) From Mouth To R St. Bridge In Auburn

White (Stuck) River (Pierce Co.) From R St. Bridge To Hwy. 410 Bridge At Buckley

White (Stuck) River (Pierce Co.) From Weyerhaeuser 6000 Rd. Bridge (Bridge Camp) Upstream

Wilkeson Creek (Pierce Co.) From Confluence With Gale Creek Upstream

Puyallup River (Pierce Co.) From 11Th St. Bridge To Freeman Rd.

Puyallup River (Pierce Co.) From Freeman Rd. To East Main Ave. Bridge

Puyallup River (Pierce Co.) From East Main Ave. Bridge To Carbon River

Puyallup River (Pierce Co.) From Carbon River Upstream

Kennedy Creek (Mason/Thurston Co.) From Mouth (500 Yards East Of The Northbound Hwy. 101 Bridge) To Northbound Hwy. 101 Bridge

Kennedy Creek (Mason/Thurston Co.) From Hwy. 101 Bridge Upstream To 400' Below Kennedy Creek Falls (Rm 2.3)

Kennedy Creek (Mason/Thurston Co.) From Falls Upstream And All Tributaries

Mclane Creek (Thurston Co.) From Mouth (A Line 100' Upstream Of And Parallel To The South Bridge On Hwy. 101) Upstream

Perry Creek (Thurston Co.) From Mouth To Falls

Schneider Creek (Thurston Co.)

Reason for action: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is working to secure the federal permit required to hold salmon fisheries in Puget Sound. Typically, the state and tribes jointly obtain the federal permit for the Sound, where some fish stocks are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. The current permit expired April 30. Additional Information: If a permit is obtained from NOAA, fisheries will reopen where permitted. Information contact: Region 6 360-249-4628 ext. 0


Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. Check the WDFW "Fishing in Washington" rules pamphlet for details on fishing seasons and regulations. Fishing rules are subject to change. Check the WDFW Fishing hotline for the latest rule information at (360) 902-2500, press 2 for recreational rules. For the Shellfish Rule Change hotline call (360)796-3215 or toll free 1-866-880-5431.

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