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2013 Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby

Just had our meeting for the upcoming Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby for 2013. Things are patterned after last years derby, as everything seemed to go on with out many problems. The derby will take place on Saturday May 18th. Once again tickets will run $20.00 for those 15 and older and those 14 and under will be free. Dealers will have tickets to sell by May 1st. Here's a little run down on the prizes: 1st Place - $1,000.00 Sponsored by Dick Nite Spoons 2nd Place - $500.00 Sponsored by Ted's Sports Center 3rd Place - $250.00 Sponsored by John's Sporting Goods 4th Place - $100.00 Sponsored by Triangle Bait and Tackle Largest Trout - $500.00 Sponsored by Trout Lodge Biggest Kokanee Limit - $500.00 Sponsored by Three Rivers Marine Largest Kokanee caught by a GAMEFISHIN.COM member - $100.00 Sponsored by GAMEFISHIN.COM Largest Kokanee caught by a Active Military Member $100.00 Sponsored by GAMEFISHIN.COM Kid's Derby Prizes: 1st Place - $100.00 for Largest Kokanee 2nd Place - $75.00 for any fish 3rd Place - $50.00 for any fish There will be "Lots" of additional merchandise prizes as well as tackle grab bags for all the kids. Tickets will be available at the following locations: Greg's Custom Rods 3 Rivers Marine John's Sporting Goods Ted's Sports Center Holiday Sports Triangle Bait and Tackle With the milder warmer winter we should perhaps see the kokanne fishing in Stevens heating up a little sooner this year. We have heard of a few fish being caught though nothing with any regularity.
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