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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

Your privacy is important to Ted's Sports Center. We appreciate your trust that we will handle your personal information carefully.

By using the Ted's Sports Center website, you agree to the practices described in this privacy policy. We encourage you to read this policy carefully and review it regularly.

What personal information does Ted's Sports Center gather?

Any visitor of the Ted's Sports Center website has non-personally identifying information collected about them. This includes browser details, browsing behavior on the Ted's Sports Center website, and general location data. This information is primarily used internally at Ted's Sports Center. It helps us see what our visitors are interested in and how they're viewing the website, allowing us to improve things on our end.

In order to create an account on the Ted's Sports Center website, you will need to supply an email address, username, and password. These details are used to authenticate you when you attempt to sign in. Your email address is used for contacting you with account-related information and, if you allow it, promotional offers. It is also used to access your account. Your username is used for display purposes only and is unique. If you create a review for a product, your username will be displayed. Your password is used during the sign in process, as well as any account-modifying procedures. We require your password to be at least six characters long, though we suggest you use a long, complex password to help maintain your account's integrity. Your email address and password are never shared, but your username may be displayed to the public on the Ted's Sports Center website.

When you place an order on the Ted's Sports Center website, you will need to supply a shipping address, phone number, and method of payment. These details are required for delivery. This information is used internally and is never released. In the case of credit/debit card payments, Ted's Sports Center never has access to your card details, except the last four of the card number. Your phone number may receive text messages from Ted's Sports Center that are related to your orders, but you will not receive phone calls from us.


The Ted's Sports Center website uses various security mechanisms to help protect your information. The transmission of your information is done over a secured HTTP connection through Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This software encrypts the data you send to us. Credit/debit card information never reaches our servers and is only handled by our PCI Compliant payment gateway provider. Any shipping information you send to us when placing an order is stored in an encrypted form. In the paragraph below, additional technical details are provided about our security practices.

Default use of the Ted's Sports Center website results in a secured HTTP connection with 2048-bit keys. Account passwords are stored using a hashing algorithm. Depending on when an account was created, the algorithm used may be SHA-512 or bcrypt. As of the date this document was last updated, signing in to an account results in the password hash being updated to the bcrypt version with 14 iterations. Encryption of shipping details is done with the Rijndael cipher using a 256 bit key and the CBC mode of operation. These keys are encrypted themselves using a separate key that is stored in a separate location from the website data. Security concerns and questions can be brought up freely by email at admin@tedssportscenter.com. We appreciate any and all disclosures, and will do our best to investigate and correct them.

If you choose to visit and use the Ted's Sports Center website, any information you transmit and any disputes over privacy is subject to this privacy policy, our Conditions of Use, and Terms of Service. Any concerns with our privacy policy should be directed to admin@tedssportscenter.com. The Ted's Sports Center website is constantly changing, so please make it a habit of checking our privacy policy for changes.